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Active Tire Info (ATI) Display

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Active Tire Info (ATI) Display

$ 149.00

The Drift Dialects Active Tire Info (ATI) Display isn’t just an annoying blinking light on your car telling you there is something wrong with your tire pressure. On a drift car or track car, you’ll be surprised to find that the tire pressure can vary significantly depending on vehicle speed, wheel speed, surface temperature, elevation, and ambient air temperature. Being informed of these tire pressure variations will ensure that your drift car or track car performs at its to help give you that competitive edge during competition. Flat tires, punctures, and de-beading can happen at anytime, especially with very low tires pressures commonly seen on Formula Drift cars or high horsepower cars looking to achieve maximum grip levels from their tires.

Installing the Drift Dialects sensors is as simple as installing a normal valve stem cap to your wheels. These caps make for easy removal and transfer to your new set of wheels and tires so you can get back on the track as quickly as possible. These sensors allow you to be informed whether you're in the pits, staged and ready for your run, or taking that cool down lap right after your run. Each sensor is marked for proper vehicle corner location.

Unlike factory TPMS systems, the Drift Dialects ATI Display can offer alarms such as high or low pressures. An alarm activates if the tires deviate from the pressures you have programmed specifically for your car. Also, each tire can be set for a different air pressure if desired or required, such as varying front and rear air pressures for drift cars.

Showing tire pressure of all 4 tires in real time can help the driver quickly detect punctures or excessive temperature, giving both a visual and audible warning to alert the driver of a possible tire failure or to help them stay updated of their pressure and temperatures immediately before and after their runs without having to get out of their cars or wait for their pit crew to make their way over with a traditional tire gauge.

Drift Dialects has partnered with a leading global manufacturer to supply our Active Tire Info Display unit. Many new vehicles come with a factory installed tire pressure monitoring system as a safety system allowing drivers to be alerted to a flat tire or puncture, but most do not let the drivers know exactly what their tire pressure is, or even which tire it is. With our kit, drivers now have the opportunity to easily and conveniently know what their tire pressures are at any given time.

Each sensor uses a common CR1632-type watch battery and sends a radio signal or Bluetooth signal depending on which kit you purchase. The traditional Drift Dialects Pressure monitor is powered by a 12V DC power outlet, commonly known as your cigarette lighter. While the display utilizes a 12V socket, the display unit also includes a 5V/1A USB port that allows for the charging of devices such as GoPro cameras, Dash Cameras, or Cell phones without having to remove the unit from the power socket.

The Drift Dialects sensors are a little larger and more delicate than a standard valve stem cap, but we are certain the benefits you receive from them are worth the extra few grams!

Display Features & Specifications:

Monitoring pressure range:

  • 10 - 75 psi/0.7 - 4.8 Bar

User adjustable alert threshold range:

  • 18 - 66 psi/1.2 - 4.5 Bar

  • Adjustable pressure and temperature measuring units

  • Fast/Slow leakage alarm (Audible & Visual)

  • High temperature alarm (Audible & Visual) 

  • Low battery voltage alarm (Audible & Visual)

Operating Frequency: 433.92+/- 0.5MHz

Operating Voltage: 12v (+/- 3v)

Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C (-4°F ~+158°F)

USB charge port output : 5V/1A

Small sensor design:

  • 23mm diameter x 16mm high & 10g weight

Sensor batteries included

Note: Our kits are not suitable for use with liquid polymer tire sealants.

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