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CTS-V Conversion Brackets

Street Faction Engineering Machined

CTS-V Conversion Brackets

$ 150.00

Our conversion brackets are CAD designed from 3D scans and prototyped in-house to ensure the best fit and finish. The front brackets are machined from high strength 4140 chromoly, which are then Zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The rear brackets are machined from high strength 4140 chromoly and 6061-T6 aluminum, which are also Zinc plated for corrosion resistance (4140 only). Brand new calipers and rotors can be easily sourced online (Amazon or Ebay) at a very affordable cost.


Technical Specs:

  • FEA tested 
  • Sold as a pair
  • CNC machined
  • Zinc plated black (4140 only)
  • Zinc plated silver split lock washers
  • Designed and made in Santa Fe Springs, California
  • Grade 10.9 yellow Zinc plated bolts where applicable
  • 4140 Chromoly brackets (twice the strength of aluminum) 


Parts needed to complete the swap:

  • 18" minimum diameter wheels for the 6 piston front swap
  • 17" minimum diameter wheels for the 4 piston front swap
  • 18" minimum diameter wheels for the 4 piston rear swap
  • Z32 brake conversion lines may be used 

6 Piston Front Conversion:
CTS-V 6 Piston Front Caliper
Evo 10 Front Rotor

4 Piston Front Conversion:
CTS-V 4 Piston Front Caliper
Evo 8 Front Rotor

4 Piston Rear Conversion:
CTS-V 4 Piston Rear Caliper
370z Nismo Rear Rotor



  • S-Chassis (may depend on wheel/barrel size, etc.)
  • Y33 (only if front suspension is converted to s13 or s14)
  • Will only work with OEM knuckles



  • Pre-orders may take 3-6 months to design, prototype, and produce.
  • Will require minor material removal on the calipers, and re-drilling one hole on the knuckles to accept the larger caliper bolt size (6 piston front swap only).
  • Will require stock caliper tab removal on the rear knuckles. (4 piston rear swap only).
  • Will require minor material removal and stock caliper tab removal on the rear knuckle (4 piston rear swap for the Z32 rear knuckle).
  • FC compatibility is not 100% guaranteed until we can begin development to ensure there is a rotor option that will work for the swap.

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